CoCenter installation

CoCenter is a program to keep all the software provided by Coocox up to date. If there is a newer software version avialable, the only thing you have to do is click on install. CoCenter will download a patch and install it automaticly.

WARNING! Some tests proved that the simplecortex wasn't working properly with a newer version of CoIDE. To keep it the safe way, use the links in the installation manuals. Note that with updating the CoIDE software, the usb drivers and the debugger firmware needs to be updated too. There is a manual for updating the debugger software in the documentation tab.

CoCenter can be downloaded here Click.

  • Start the installer. When any secrurity warning appears. Click on Yes.


  • The actual installer will show. Please click on next to continue setup.

  • In this window the installation folder can be changed. If you don’t want to, please click on Next.

  • It is possible to change the name of the start folder. Please click on next to keep it the same.

  • The last step before installing. Please click on Install.


  • After the installation is finished, please click on Finish.

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