An update from our side.


2 more webshops now sell the Simplecortex, both European web-stores. Arduinosolutions from Poland and Antratek from the Netherlands. Antratek is a big electronics store and ships to everywhere in Europe. Arduinosolutions is a reseller from Iteadstudio and seems to ship worldwide. In the future we will have an update like this every month explaining the new things to come and if something didn't make it.


In the following weeks we will be busy updating the website, mostly the libraries and examples section. This to make the website a bit more user friendly. We will also check and update the drivers, tutorials and examples and have a look at a repo system like git or hg. If you have other ideas how to improve the user friendliness in any ways, please send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post it in our forum.


And for technical news, we already ported the DSP library from NXP and made a small tutorial for it.  As we are not DSP experts and the NXP documentation is not very extensive the tutorial is not complete and it is not something for beginners. We also ordered a 5 inch LCD from Iteadstudio and will be working on that too. Some more cool LCD news will follow :)


We are also working on CoOS, a real time operating system for ARM M0 and M3 uC's. This library and tutorial will be done before the end of next week. A small explanation about operating systems on microcontrollers and the usefulness: CoOS is very small, fully configured it is about 5KB and uses about 1KB or RAM. CoOS is very useful in making stuff multitask, you can make tasks containing stuff that has to be done. CoOS than makes it multitask and makes sure everything happens. This has a small impact in speed and CoOS takes some code space but for projects that don't need the full microcontroller speed CoOS can make multitasking a lot easier.

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