Time for an update.

We got a repository now using Mercurial.
In this repository you can find the latest examples, libraries and hardware files.
In the future we will stop using separate .zip files per example and only use the repository.
This month we won't delete all the zip files but they will be gone after the next month!
We made a small video guide how to use our repository, you can find it here:

To make starting with the Simplecortex easier we also made a video on how to make your first project.
It also explains how to debug with the Simplecortex, you can find the video here:

The display was a bit more work that we expected, combined with holidays it's not finished but it is on the way.
A small website update will be done somewhere this month but we will announce it beforehand if downtime will occur.
For next month we will try to port most of Cox, a  common library interface made by CooCox.
This so that examples they make will also work on the Simplecortex.
The 5 inch LCD should be finished by then too.
At the moment we are working on some fun new hardware, not a new Simplecortex but something else fun.
Hopefully we can show that next month too.

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