Blog 12092012

A new month, a new update again.

We added a couple of new projects and examples last month. An example for an RGB LED can be found in our repository now. We also added a library and tutorial for an alphanumeric LCD that uses the HD44780 driver. This library is made by a Simplecortex user called Heitor and the forum thread can be found here. The tutorial can be found here.

Last month we switched over to a repository for all the examples, libraries and hardware files. In the next week all the old .zip files will be removed and replaced by a single zip file for people that prefer a .zip download. We highly recommend users to use the repository, a guide how to use it can be found here.

We mentioned something last month about new hardware and here we go. ARM is working on an ARM debugger that can be used to debug all ARM M0/M3 and M4 microcontrollers. The debug software can run on any ARM M0/M3/M4 microcontroller with USB onboard. We used an LPC11U37 but with a bit of luck it should run on an LPC11U24.

At the moment the firmware is closed source as it is still in beta. You need an ARM silver license to get the source code but it looks like registering is enough to get that. You can download the files here if you register at ARM. We got one board done and will be making some more when we got new crystals from mouser. At the moment only KEIL supports the CMSIS-DAP debugger but we want some better support. Downside, we don’t have the knowledge to add something like GDB support. If you have some experience in this area please send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , we will send you a FREE CMSIS-DAP debugger so you can give it a go.

This month we will be working on CMSIS-DAP and getting some towards engineers. We also got another cool hardware project that should be showable next month. On the software side we are finishing up a library to control a LED matrix which should be done in 1 or 2 weeks. We will also be working on supporting Xedit SCADA. A SCADA program is used to monitor and edit automated systems like a PLC system that controls a machine. Xedit is a free SCADA program that can also use the serial port to connect to a microcontroller. This makes it great for small programs to control or monitor functions on the Simplecortex without having to code something yourself. In the next week we will have some site maintenance, if the site will be down we will post a blog about that.

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