Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the Simplecortex?

A. The Simplecortex is a microcontroller dev board with an ARM Cortex M3 from NXP, for more info see the introduction.


Q. Is the Simplecortex open source?

A. The hardware of the Simplecortex is open source and all tutorials and libraries are open source. The programming environment is made by CooCox and is free to use but not everything is open source. See the CooCox homepage for more information.


Q. Where can I get an Simplecortex board?

A. They are manufactored and sold by Iteadstudio and cost 45 dollars.


Q. Do you ship worldwide?

A. Iteadstudio ships to almost all countries for a low price by air shipping, they can also ship with DHL which is a faster method.


Q. Is the Simplecortex 5V compatible?

A. All digital inputs can handle a 5V input signal, the analog inputs work with 0-3.3V

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