Getting Started

Welcome to the Simplecortex community, the getting started will guide you with installing the required software on the pc. There are only two programs required before you can program the Simplecortex: the IDE and the driver for Windows to recognize the Simplecortex as peripheral.

  • CoIDE.
  • Windows USB-driver.                                                                               

The Simplecortex has more interesting hardware onboard though. It supports USB-host and Ethernet functionality too. To use these peripherals all the software below needs to be installed. The getting started is spliced up in five parts:

CoCenter is a program to keep all the software provided by Coocox up to date. If there is a newer software version avialable, the only thing you have to do is click on install. CoCenter will download a patch and install it automaticly.

CoIDE is an IDE (Intergraded Development Envirement). The CoIDE environment is the environment of choice for the Simplecortex. The debugger on the Simplecortex is designed for CoIDE. Because the communication between the debugger and CoIDE is closed source, it is only possible to program and debug the Simplecortex by using CoIDE.

Windows USB drivers are needed for Windows to communicate with the Simplecortex. After installing this driver Windows will recoqnise the Simplecortex as debug device.

Setup Ethernet. The Simplecortex is able to host a website, though before the pc can access the webserver a few settings must be changed. There are several ways to connect a Simplecortex to the network. The first option is to connect the Simplecortex directly to the pc. The second option is to connect the Simplecortex to the router. In that case, only the firmware needs some changes.

Virtual com-port drivers. The Simplecortex has to USB ports onboard, one is for the debugger and the second is an USB host. USB-host supports a great number of applications. Nxp, the producer of the microcontroller on the Simplecortex made a USB library which you can use to turn the Simplecortex into a serial device. On later stage BRC-Electronics will port the new library to the Simplecortex to support more functions. 


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