I/O List






The header JP2 is placed below the reset button and has an important function
when using the USB-host port. If the USB port is used for serial communications, the USB will power the Simplecortex. If the USB port is used to read a USB which has no powersupply, place a jumper on JP2.

The Simplecortex has a diode for each USB ports to protect the pc from high voltages.

Note: The adjacent image is only used for illustration. The names of the components do not match with the Simplecortex.

  • DB_ER

This is the debugger error led (red color) .

  • DB_OK

Debugger works correct and is connected with the pc.

  • DB_BS

This blue led will shine when the debugger is busy.

  • DB_EX

Debugging external devices. When the switch is turned off, the onboard microcontroller will not work. With this function it’s possible to program external devices via the JTAG header. Look at this page for more information: Click.

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