CMSIS-DAP Debugger


Yes, we ran out of crystals, new ones ordered for the rest of the boards.


The CMSIS-DAP debugger is a new debugger designed by ARM. This debugger can program and debug all ARM M0/M3 and M4 microcontrollers. Any M0/M3/M4 microcontroller with USB onboard can be used as a debugger. We used an LPC11U37 and should have it running on a LPC11U24 quite soon. As the debug software is still in beta ARM made it closed source but it will hopefully be open source when it is officialy released. As it is still in beta an ARM silver account is required to download it, if you have that you can click here to download it or to register for an ARM silver account.

As the CMSIS-DAP is really new and still in beta only KEIL supports it. As we want some more support so it can be used by an open source toolchain too we offer a free CMSIS-DAP debugger for developers. If you think you can help us by adding support for the CMSIS-DAP for open source toolchains please email us. We only have a few PCB's so we will only give them to people that want to help out. In your email please tell us how much experience you have so we can be sure to get some boards to motivated developers. Of course you can keep the boards and you are not obligatory to help.

The CMSIS-DAP debugger PCB and schematic can be downloaded from our repository.

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