Updating debugger firmware

The Simplecortex has an onboard debugger. Sometimes it is necessary to replace the firmware, for example: when a newer software version of CoIDE is installed. This page describes step by step how to update de debugger firmware. Note that the firmware version is associated with a specific version of CooCox. When you update CoIDE to a newer version, the debugger firmware and the USB driver needs an update too.

When you are using CoIDE version 1.3.x; It has been tested that the Simplecortex isnĀ“t working properly with some kind of computer. Try the firmware 0.3 V2 to solve the problem.


USB Driver

Debugger firmware




1.4.x and higher  



Default, the Simplecortex will be delivered with de debugger firmware 0.4. 
Download: Debugger firmware 0.3 V1
Download: Debugger firmware 0.3 V2
Download: Debugger firmware 0.4

Follow the next steps to update the debugger firmware:
  • Please place a jumper, just like the picture. 


  • Please connect the USB-debugger with the PC. When you're doing this for the first time Windows needs to install some drivers, this may take some time.

  •  Place a second jumper on the other two pins until the next window appears.
  •  Please click on Open folder to view files.



  • Replace the firmware with the newer version.
  • Please disconnect the Simplecortex.
  • Remove the jumpers.
  • Connect the USB-debugger to the PC.
  • To check if the replacement went well, please open in Windows: Start > Control Panel > Device manager.



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